Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week #13

Ni sa Bula Vinaka Matavuvale! THIS WEEK HAS BEEN STRESSFUL! After I emailed you all last p-day we had transfers the next day on Tuesday. And man it was a chaotic day.... After our district meeting we went to this pizza shop called Tramantos! I HAD REAL LIFE ACTUAL TANGIBLE PIZZA! We can't go there hardly ever because one pizza is like $40! But since it was our last district lunch together we decided to eat somewhere fancy. We all set the phones in the center of the table just expecting at anytime for one of them to ring so we could find out who would be transferred and where! Obviously I knew I wasn’t going anywhere but I was anxious for all the missionaries I’ve made good friendships with here. Finally later that afternoon we got a call... Elder Brown is going to Tuvalu! Elder Noble who was my district leader is going to Vanua Levu (sad to see them go). This week we hardly got any work done because we had to stay in Somosomo with Elder Tera who was awaiting his new companion/our new district leader. So we had to be in a tri-companionship with him for a few days. This week I MISSED MISSIONARY WORK! On Friday the new elders and sisters came so he got his new comp. Elder B and I were so excited to go back to Matei and start up the work again! Especially after what Elder Vermeeran had told us the day before... He sat me and Elder Barnaby down and told us what some of the members have been saying about us. Some pretty discouraging stuff that made me pretty sad..But later that night I got on my knees and prayed. I'm using what he told me to motivate me! Supposedly the members have been saying they hardly see us anymore....and they made a big deal about us showing up 1 minute late to church because elder Barnaby forgot it was daylight savings! The members watch the missionaries here like hawks! We have decided to become totally consecrated! I want Matei and Qeleni to change! I’ve been working so hard in these areas and it was painful to hear that’s what the members think of us but oh well. I just have to press forward! When we got back to Matei it had been two weeks since I had been there! Because the week before I was on exchanges with elder Noble and this past week we were stuck here in charge of an elder for transfers. But boy was I so happy to be back. I want to share a scripture that I have made my “ponderizing” scripture this week. I feel like it relates to my situation in Qeleni and Matei. It’s in Moroni 9:6. It reads, " And Now my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently; for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform....That we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God."  Matei and Qeleni are making it pretty hard on me and Elder Barnaby. For example, this Sunday my heart was broken in two. It was pouring rain and only 8 people were at church. This scripture is my strength to stay diligent and fight for the souls of my areas. I love them all so much and they miss out on the sacrament every week. We have decided we need to focus on the members this transfer!  I had some amazing experiences with members these last two days. The holy ghost is real. We were walking along the road and I got this random feeling to go see Brother Celua who is the group leader for the church in matei. At first I thought it was just a random thought, but then I remembered I was a missionary and that the idea to go see him must be inspired so I told Elder Barnaby. He said okay and we went to his house. When we got there he was  extremely happy to see us. We sat down with him and he went and grabbed his scriptures and explained to us that he found a scripture that was causing him to doubt some stuff! We were able to testify of the truth and his doubts went away. We needed to see him and if I hadn’t followed that prompting he would still be confused. Another experience with a member and the holy ghost...We went to go visit a member named Sister Koroi. Elder Barnaby unexpectedly threw me under the bus and said, " Elder Jonutz has a lesson to teach you"  I was like whaaaaa?! I began to open my scriptures and decided upon this one in Alma. We started with a prayer and immediately after the prayer I knew that I needed to change the scripture. I felt prompted to share this one in 1st Nephi and it talked about the tree of life and how we can’t always see what our future is and we just need to push through the darkness and hold to the rod. This sister began to cry...and explained how she was worried for the future of her husband and how this scripture helped her. The spirit was really strong and I almost started crying! The Holy Ghost is unbelievably real. It is absolutely necessary for missionary work! I am so happy to be back in Matei. I am going to work as hard as I can to help these members. I’m starting to realize why I’m here in Taveuni in Matei and Qeleni. I’m learning more and more about what Jesus Christ did for us and I literally feel myself coming closer to him.  Missionary work is incredible. I miss you all so much... Pray for Matei and Qeleni daily. I know that diligence is the key! You asked for my favorite scripture mom, It is Mosiah 28:3! I hope your week goes as planned and that everyone stays healthy and happy. Elder Barnaby is having me lead the areas now so wish me luck. I hope I can report that we have a successful week next Monday. I know I will! Gots to have FAITH! Until Next week!

Love, Elder Jonuti

There's a storm a brewin'

Last picture as a district

Waiting for the boat with the new transfers on it

Welcoming the new sisters

Picture of the new district
Taking a needed break

View from the pizza place we ate at - WAY pretty!!

These clouds looked way cool. Taken outside the somosomo chapel at a branch activity

My Shadezzzzz

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