Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week #24

Bula Vinaka Matavuvale. HOW ARE YOU ALL!?  I’m sorry this email is so late! We went hiking to this cave that I set up for one of our members to take us. It was pretty insane and we got lost so that’s why I’m late to email and I’m so sorry. This week was quite the opposite from last week. Me and Elder Vitiarai let the bummers we had last week drive us to work even harder this week. This week was just fun. On Monday night Elder Vitiarai and I decided to go out teaching during our p-day hours. We were only able to do this because The Czieps were willing. We had two awesome lessons with them. On Tuesday we hit our goal for this month! Originally for the month of January we had a goal of 1 saint. We hit our goal the first week of January and decided we could show some faith and raise our goal to two saints for this month. So on Tuesday we saw sister Tale and she received a temple recommend. Before she was less active and all she needed to qualify to become a returning member was to receive an interview. She received her interview this week and now she's a returning member! So I’m way stoked! Next week we will be baptizing Elder Vitiarai's mom which will give us THREE saints for this month! I’m praying I can stay here in Taveuni. We met two new investigators this month. Both 16 year old boys. Mesake and Tawake. They want to be baptized next month and we both have been teaching them a lot this week. They both are planning to be baptized on February 7th of next month. They really want to go to the temple to and our branch president said the church is paying for all the youth to go. Miracles happen after trials. I can't believe I was even ever discouraged last week because this week has been amazing! Tomorrow I find out if I’m getting transferred. Out of everyone in my district I’m the most likely to go because I've been here the longest. I really really really don’t want to leave taveuni! My members and branch president were telling me I can't go and my branch president said he was going to call the mission president and ask for me to stay hahaha! I told him it doesn't work like that unfortunately! I'm praying pretty hard right now. I just want to be ready for whatever call I get tomorrow. I really want to stay...  So much growth just occurred this week in this area.  But I know if I get called somewhere else it's because the Lord needs me there. My district keeps making fun of me since Taveuni was my first area. They say it's going to be so weird for me if I get like called to suva! Because I don't know if I told you guys this but Taveuni only has one road that goes through the whole island! So if I go to suva which is a city...I’m going to go into shock hahaha! Right now I can't imagine leaving this place...The people here are my family.. They've taught me more than I thought ever possible. I’ve spent nights crying for them and I’ve spent days laughing with them and doing my best to help them spiritually. Matei Taveuni is like a second home for me. So just cross your fingers I stay! So you probably want to here about the cave! On Monday our old returning member Brother Lagi was telling us about this cave that is behind their village. So I asked him if he could lead us to the cave with all the missionaries on pday. Fijians are pretty superstitious. He told us that the cave was haunted from their ancient ancestors who were cannibals and that there were evil spirits in the cave. He was too scared to take us but we got him to take brother cziep up on Saturday so that brother cziep could lead the missionaries there today. Let me just say....This cave sweeeet! It took us about a hour and a half hike. The opening was huge! Bro cziep is like a cave expert! We were crawling on our stomachs through these huge lava tubes and it was pitch black. We had to get approval from the mission president for this activity hahaha! We crawled for about two hours and some of the missionaries almost went insane haha. But the cave led to this open room where bats just filled the room. They were flying everywhere and it was just about like the coolest adventure I’ve ever been on. P-days here are pretty sweet I just gotta say! Afterwards the czieps fed us pizza and ice cream. I’m a happy missionary. I want you all to know that I love Taveuni. This place is a really special place. All because of the people I have come to know. I miss all of you guys. I miss all you cousins and grandparents. I can feel my testimony grow by the day. Some days it is challenged but that only makes it grow more. I know this church is true. The best thing we can do is occasionally re-pray to know if joseph smith was a true prophet. If we do this every once in awhile it will strengthen our testimony.  And I promise you every time you re-ask God He will give you an answer. Sometimes it might take a while to receive an answer. But he will give you one. I love you all so much. Wish me luck for tomorrow. If I get transferred I will be in my new area before next p-day so.....ugh I don’t like transfers haha!. I love and miss you all. 

Love, Elder Jonati

The entrance of the cave
More cave

Gettin real. INside the cave

This is the opening in the cave where all the bats were. It took us 2 hours to get there.

Crawling through the floor

I thought this made a good pose...for the cave

Elder afatasi going down the shaft

If you look closely you can see the bats

Comin out da cave

He's wearing a KFC shirt.

Sittin in a paradise

Service project in Vuna last week

The District on the back of a truck. Yeah

I got bored so I sported my Fly gangsta Glasses

The moths here are big....

Hope his mom didn't let him wear this to school...

Elder Vitiarai looks like a cannibal in this pic. Not gonna lie....

Just want to point out how white my shirt is in this pic

My dinners are so good. Be jealous

Behold. The road to the village of Pagai

I'm telling Y'all. It's green here

From the Vemeeren's blog: "Elder Jonutz and his little buddy"
The Elders carry their new washer to their flat.
The Elders ....the Sisters are now in Suva helping with the Temple Open House Tours.

The Back of my Planner

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