Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week #30

Bula Vinaka Family and Friends! What a week! I have many awesome things to talk about and so little time. But as always I will do my best! This week like every week has been AWESOME! I've learned so much about myself. The week started off alright haha... I got way sick on Tuesday and then Elder Stevens got sick too...But we pushed through it and were both better by Wednesday! There's a lot I've been learning this transfer. I've learned a lot about how to relax and not worry so much. When I first arrived to Sigatoka I was pretty nervous to follow up train. I feel bad now for my companion, Elder Stevens, who had a nervous wreck for a companion the first few weeks. What I have learned through it all though is that Jesus Christ is more in our work than we think he is. Satan wants us to worry. He wants to take away all confidence leaving us with nothing but stress. I've started to relax and learn more about faith. About patience. Some days this week people fell through and we had no idea where to go or what to do. But a simple prayer resolved all of that. The Lord told us where to go. I can say that Sigatoka is growing! We found 5 more new investigators. Ilami accepted a baptismal date on Friday! He is the man. Our new Investigator Vilikesa has been progressing like crazy. I've never taught some one who is already so in tune with the spirit! Like it is CRAZY. This guy’s questions are AWESOME. On Saturday my district leader, Elder Heins, and I went on an exchange. We felt prompted to go see Vilikesa. As we walked into his house he sat us down and said you guys must have come because you have something special for me. We told him the truth that we really just came because we felt prompted to. As the lesson went on we asked Vilikesa if he had read the Book of Mormon. He said he had but that he could not relate to it like the bible. I asked him how much he read and he said the first page. We explained to him that he has to dig deeper and desire it more. We explained to him and both bore strong testimonies to him why the book of mormon is so important and after the lesson he said that everything that made him not want to read the Book of Mormon before had all vanished. He said the reason we came that night was to take those things that were stopping him before. He said we made him feel way excited to read the Book of Mormon. People have been asking for blessings like crazy here. It makes me so happy because I love blessings so much. We have the priesthood for a reason. To bless and serve! On Sunday Elder Stevens and I witnessed miracles.... Lately I've been wondering if I've been doing all I can do. This Sunday proved how much the Lord is involved in our work! Sunday morning we showed up to church. Every Sunday before this one we had invited some of our investigators to come and they never showed up. But, this Sunday made up for all of those disappointments in the past! 4 of our investigators came to church and stayed for all 3 hours. Saisi, Vilikesa, Vodre, and Butadroka! Not only that but 30 less actives who never come (but we visited) all showed up on Sunday. The lord is progressing his work. Sigatoka is growing! Vilikesa told us on Sunday he'll be coming to church. But he told us not to be offended if he just gets up and walks out in the middle of the meeting. He said he's been to many churches and he will only stay if he feels what he is looking for. Well he stayed the whole time and he even wants to give the church his land so that we can build an actual chapel for this growing branch! He told us he is falling in love with the Book of Mormon! It just testifies to me that this church is so true! It cannot be denied. The truth is the church has the spirit because it is in fact TRUE! These are just a few of the miracles we have witnessed this week! An update on my fijian. IT’S TAKING OVER MY ENGLISH! I feel so uneducated when I try to speak in english hahaha! I'm starting to try to learn the dialect here! It's INSANE.  But it’s so fun because every time I say something in “Na Droga” dialect the Fijians freak out and laugh! Their reactions are the best! Some old lady came up to me and kissed my cheek in sacrament meeting. I didn't really know what to do...hahaha!  The same old lady told me my fijian is beautiful haha so I’m scared to go to her house now. I love the members here in Sigatoka. They are all so .....DIFFERENT! Some are pretty weird but they are all awesome. Me and Elder Stevens have this new investigator who lives like 30 min away from our flat. He is GOLDEN! He lives in this remote village way inland and he and his family are so interested. They already want to come to church. Tomorrow we get transfer calls.....Yep I know! How is this transfer already over? Time makes no sense hahaha. I’m pretty sure I'll stay. I see so much growth here and I want to continue to be a part of it. I just want you all to know I am serving with the Lord. He is with me everyday. He can be with you everyday. He is my savior and I learn so much from him. It's my goal to try to emulate him at all times. I've learned more than I've ever thought possible and everyday I feel more and more excited to teach. This church is led by a prophet of God. If you’re not sure about that, Pray about it! I love you all so much. I can't wait to tell you what happens this week! 

Love, Elder Jonati

Good Ol' Sigatoka
I found a midget dog

We walked in to our kitchen and this guy was there..... Not cool bro

Fiji got a Burger I ate some!

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