Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week #93

Bula Vinaka family and friends! It has been a week of hard work! Elder Forbush and I have  been out finding people all week! It's so awesome to be in this beautiful country and have people welcome us into their homes. I still am amazed everyday at how nice Fijians are. There's no doubt in my mind that they are the best people in all of the world. 

This week we went on lots of exchanges! First we went out with the assistants which is always a way good learning experience. I went out teaching with Elder Green who is from Utah. He is a huge guy and has this voice that one day will be opening up General Conference and the Spoken Word haha. He is a way sick dude and I learned heaps from him. I also learned that this year he's going to have all the missionaries at his house for, "Pie Night"..... Basically his family makes over 500 pies every year. I'm definitely going to be there!

After my exchange with Elder Green I got to go on an exchange in Samabula with Elder Billy, who is from P.N.G. The stories I heard from this guy were pretty humbling. I'm not sure how many of you have heard about P.N.G but it can be a crazy place. Elder Billy shared with me the fact that he had 6 siblings in his family but only 3 of them are remaining. 1 was drowned in a whirlpool while bathing in the river and the other 2 died of diseases that they had no medicine to cure. In P.N.G. there are over 800 different languages... The rivers have heaps of crocodiles and Elder Billy is a master at catching them and eating them! He was baptized last year and he never gets to contact his family because they live in the bush. To me, this exchange taught me to be more grateful. 

Lately I've been thinking about what my mission has done to me and for me. I can't even try to explain it. All I know is that this work is awesome! It kills me to think about how short the time is that I have left. Now is the time to sprint to the finish line. I know that this church is true. There are people everywhere around us who need it. I have a firm belief that the only reason I am happy is because of this gospel. Most people are scared to share it because of what people's reactions might be. The worst that can happen is they'll say no. At least you'll be satisfied that you tried. No one knows the day or time when Jesus Christ is going to return to the earth again. We have to be ready and we have to help others be ready. I think it all starts with the mindset that before this life we existed. We lived with Father in Heaven and we are all brothers and sisters. Some of us were born into the gospel and others weren't.  I believe we all have individuals we are responsible to find and rescue. It's His work and they are His sheep and so I know He will help us find them. You just have to try. This week our investigator Joji was baptized. His soon to be wife is a member and she was so excited to see him be baptized. I am way happy for him.

Love, Elder Jonutz

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