Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week #27

Bula Family! Wow...I have a pretty awesome week to tell you all about! First, on Saturday I got attacked by one of our investigator’s dogs and had to call the mission nurse because it drew blood...but it's not even bad! Literally it is just a little cut! What happened was their dog was hiding underneath their car and as we walked out of the house it bolted out from underneath the car and bit my calf and then went for my ankle. I think I had some divine protection from above because I escaped with like a tiny little scratch.  And it's cool that I can say I was attacked by a dog now RIGHT!? hahaha Other than falling in a hole while trying to find a new investigator my week was pretty amazing. I do have some sad news though.....Julian...our investigator...we tried going to teach him on Thursday and found out he is in prison. My heart kind of sunk hearing this but then I realized it is absolutely necessary for him to be there. He had a court case he had to take care of and we aren't sure what exactly is happening to him and how long he will be in prison. But this would have been necessary for him to take care of before his baptism anyway for him to be worthy to get baptized. So please keep Julian in your prayers that this experience will strengthen him and not tear him down. I try to imagine him just reading the book of mormon wherever he is right now. He told us the Book of Mormon means everything to him. Elder Stevens and I have been working like crazy this week. I literally just about drop dead on my bed when we get home! This week we visited a lot of people! We have this one old guy named Levani. He can't walk and literally lays in his bed and feels pain and just cries...It hurts to watch not going to lie. He has a baptismal date but he can't even get out of bed and everyone says he's dying...So Elder Stevens and I prayed about what we could do for him and we decided we will just visit him every week and read the book of mormon to him because he can barely even lift his arms let alone hold something. As we sat beside his bed and read the book of mormon to him there was a real feeling of peace there. We read from 3 Nephi where Jesus comes to the Americas and is healing the people.  As we read, Levani would cry and the spirit was very strong there. If Levani can't get baptized in this life there is no doubt in my heart that he won't accept in the life to come. I love Levani he is the coolest man! We've been meeting with many less actives this week. I've learned a lot about how the spirit sounds. I've really had to relax myself this week and just let the spirit direct the lessons. The most important thing I’ve learned this week is to always be listening. On Saturday elder stevens and I had this constant feeling to go see this member family the Kolitapas! We had a lot of lessons to get to that day but the feeling just came that we absolutely NEEDED to go see them. Some background information on the Kolitapas. Strongest members I have ever met in my entire life. Their family has literally nothing. They have 4 little kids. The stake presidency asked the kolitapas to make sulus and shirts for the temple rededication. Brother Kolitapa buys all of the materials out of his pocket and hand paints every sulu. For awhile his wife had no job and neither did he. Slowly we have watched heavenly father bless their family. Their only desire is to earn enough money to get to the temple. Their faith is literally unshakable. Saturday we walked into their home and we found out all the sulus they sold they didn't even receive any money for and that Sister Kolitapa was going to have to work double shifts this week to cover the expenses. They asked me to share a message and I had no idea what to say. Elder Stevens and I shared a lesson that I don't even remember much of what was said but Sister Kolitapa said something that hit me so hard. She said, "You two are literally God's tools and his messengers! You not only said what I needed to hear but every word you said was exactly on point with what I needed.” Their whole family was silent and we sat there and I've never felt the spirit stronger. I know that Jesus Christ lives. That God isn't just aware of all his children he is with them through the Holy Ghost if we just obey his commandments. Sometimes what we want isn't what the Lord has planned. Everything that we go through is what God knows we need to go through. He does everything for one purpose. Our happiness. Now the Kolitapas have been going through some of the hardest things I’ve ever seen...Yet they always are so happy and have so much faith that it's just what God needs them to go through right now. I want my faith to be as strong as theirs! They are so amazing and I know without a doubt that the spirit directed us there for a reason. All of our investigators and less actives we invited to church this Sunday didn't show up. NOT ONE. But me and Elder Stevens know that we did everything the lord wanted us to do this week. We can't control peoples agency but we can pray for them constantly. Next week we are going to try as hard as we can again. This branch is going to be made into a ward I know it! God has it planned and we are going to do everything he tells us to do! I love this work. I learn literally so much about the spirit and as we sit across from people and testify to them how much their heavenly father loves them you can literally look at them and just feel a portion of that love that he has for them. Next week we leave on Friday to go to the Temple rededication!! I’m so stoked. We get to sing as all the missionaries in the Fijian ANZ Rugby stadium in front of Elder Eyring and the prime minister of Fiji. It's going to be so neat and I miss the temple so much so I’m just so excited! Although for my birthday I get the long bus ride back to Sigatoka on the 22nd hahaha. But at least it's a P-day so I'll be able to email all of you on my Birthday. I love you mom and dad and all my family and friends. This is the Lord’s work and I can testify of that! I have a lot of pictures to send so I got to go! can't wait to hear from you all next week!

Love, Elder Jonati
Me holding my dinner

My dinnner bon apetite!
The bottom of my dinner
A little out of my price range hahaha

Last p-day at the sand dunes...

The dunes

The view
Elder Stevens...

More dunes

On top of the dunes

Our beds

This is where I study

The living quarters

View from our investigator's house

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