Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week #35

Yadra Matavuvale! Sa dede sara ga! Au lomani kemudou kece kei sa marautaka me'u rawa ni vola na ivolavola ogo vei kemudou! Before I start my email I just need to say that I haven't been in Levuka (my area) for the entire week!  We were supposed to return back last Tuesday after our Zone Training meeting but then the cyclone happened. They told us due to the storm our boat wouldn't be leaving until today :(  So we are praying all works out today and we will be able to catch the boat back to Ovalau! So now the question is....What have I been doing this past entire week? Well, I've gone on splitz with the zone leaders and my district leader. I was pretty bummed I wasn't going to be able to make it to my area this week but I've made some awesome memories and have learned a ton from these exchanges. It's fun to see what other missionary’s areas look like! This week I did some baptismal interviews with the zone leaders and it was way fun. The Zone leaders are masters in missionary work and in the language so I was like in heaven the whole time we were with them because I was able to just learn a-ton!  After being with the Zone leaders, I went on splitz with Elder Sarufa (Noqu District Leader). It was way bomb! Elder Sarufa and I were together in Taveuni. He was in my first district when I first got to the mission. He's from PNG and is like the funniest guy I have ever met! We had some pretty awesome lessons together. The area he serves in is literally in like the middle of's strait BUSH hahaha! Literally we hiked through the jungle to get to this one Koro and we had to cross this river so that was legit! When we got to the village we sat down with one of his investigators and had like one of the most powerful lessons ever!  We were talking about how baptism is the only way we can obtain the highest degree in our heavenly father’s kingdom and when we testified of this the spirit was so strong. We both felt it and knew for a fact she had felt it as well. We asked her if she would be baptized and follow the example of Jesus Christ and she just said no. It's in moments like these where I realize people really do have their agency. She felt it. Elder Sarufa and I both knew she did. He said they are going to go back and try again so I'm just praying she softens her heart and listens to the spirit! Since it was Elder Sarufa's birthday we burned one of his shirts and all his members threw this big'ol sogo (Fijian party) for him. They made this cake and this huge fijian feast. They did all this cool traditional fijian stuff as well and it was just awesome!  After spending three days with Elder Sarufa, I went out with the Zone leaders again and stood as a witness for their baptisms. There’s a strong spirit at baptisms and I know it's because our Heavenly Father is proud of the people promising to follow His Son for eternity. It was a great baptism until one of the little girls was terrified of the water.....When she was 6 she almost drowned so she was like....deathly terrified. It was pretty sad. When her dad tried to put her under the water she let out like the loudest scream and crying I have ever heard. This little girl was not planning on getting under the water. It was really sad to see. They had to cancel her baptism! Hopefully she'll face her fear of water and eventually be baptized haha :(  On Saturday I GOT TO WATCH CONFERENCE! IT was AMAZING! Man! I honestly think I stayed here so I could have the opportunity to watch it because they didn't show it in Levuka. On Sunday 6 elders, including myself and my companion, went and stayed at Elder Sarufa's flat. We listened to Sunday's session of general conference and it's my favorite session of conference ever. I honestly think Elder Oaks and Elder Holland’s talks were some of the best talks ever given. In Elder Holland’s talk I just wanted to re-testify and share my own witness of something he said! He said no matter what, in no circumstances ever will our Heavenly Father ever abandon us. He said it is impossible for him to do so. I just wanted to share that he hasn't left me entire mission so far. There are days when I feel like he has but when I look back I realize he has never left nor will he ever. I know He lives and He loves us more than we are capable of loving and even understanding. Not only do I know he loves me but as a missionary I've been able to sit across from random people and feel his incomprehensible love for them as well! Missionary work is Love. I love Missionary work. This week the AP's are coming out! I’m nervous but excited to see what we can do. They are bringing out a truck for the three days they will be staying with us. So we are going to do all the work we possibly can! The Lord is going to show us what to do just as He always does. I love you all and am just ready to get back to Levuka and go to work.

Love, Elder JOnati

Have no idea where Elder Sarufa is taking me ahah

Crossing the river in korovou

This huge tree fell down from the cyclone

ELder Sarufa burnning his shirt BURNNN

Elder Sarufa about to burn his shirt

Fjian Feast! Sunday Lunch after conference

Someone drew a picture of me hahaha

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