Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week #44

Bula Vina'a everyone! Man last week was crazy and this week is going to be even crazier! I'm back on the main island once again! We just had an amazing stake conference. They changed the whole stake presidency and they had two members of the quorum of the seventy there who gave some of the coolest talks ever! The original stake president who was released was an amazing stake president and served for 15 years! His name is President Tagidugu and he was one of the reasons a lot of new areas recently started opening up to missionaries! We only got to work in our area from Monday to Thursday and then Friday Morning we woke up at 2:30 in the morning hahaha! It was so early! Our little branch in Levuka rented out an entire bus for all who were going to stake conference! Elder Bond and I got on the bus with them and it was way fun! Elder Bond gave the bus driver church music to play on the bus. It was pretty funny blasting Mormon Tabernacle choir and hanging out with all our members. We had three investigators who chose to come as well and it was way awesome. Sakaraia's wife decided she wants to start taking lessons and they brought their whole family to stake conference! We also had two other investigators from Baba, Serema and Meli, who came to conference as well. Meli is this 11 year old boy who made the decision to come to church all on his own. His entire family is methodist but everyday he comes to the LDS church! We just recently sat down with him and his Grandma who are both extremely interested in the church. Our other investigators, Anditabua and Kenchi, are doing awesome as well. Andi is a methodist but Akuila and Koula are their young couple friends.  Andi is really interested in the church and this last week we taught her the plan of salvation and she's committed to reading the Book of Mormon. She told us when she knows it's true she will be baptized! We are way excited for her and all of our other investigators who just keep getting closer and closer to finding the truth for themselves. This Tuesday Elder Bond and I have Zone Conference! I am so looking forward to it. Zone Conference is what gets me going! The topic is supposed to be on the atonement and President Layton always has these crazy amazing insights! On Wednesday we will be returning to Levuka and are going to give it our all. The work started slowing down a bit last week but I know the Lord has stuff for us to do and accomplish. I told you guys all awhile ago we tried to open a village called Draiba. Well this week Elder Bond and I are praying really hard because we are going to try and ask again.....along with 3 other villages we are going to try to open. I know the chief will soften his heart and I'm praying that he will because Draiba has so much potential!  We still haven't been able to go out to Moturiki for awhile....I am really starting to get pretty bummed about that. We have so many investigators out there that we haven't been able to see in weeks... Our member that allows us to sleep there has been gone so we haven't had any chance to go out there for awhile. But on a positive note, we have been finding all sorts of new people in town right by our flat which is what we were praying for!  It's a bummer we haven't been out to moturiki in awhile but I know it's because the Lord has had different plans for us! On Friday we helped our district leader and did some work in his area! We went on splits and those are always interesting hahaha! I'm really just holding out for Zone Conference. All of my prayers get answered in Zone Conference and I learn so much. Every time we have a Zone Conference I find like a million new ways I can improve! Last night our whole zone spent the night at the zone leader’s flat...It was insane but it’s been crazy how many friends I've made here on the mission. I'm not sure what else to share about this past week other than I love the gospel!  I've been facing a lot of challenges but the atonement fixes them all. I've been seeking for patience and more confidence. I think at least for me those are two of the hardest christlike attributes. But lucky for all who have weaknesses Heavenly Father promises us if we humble ourselves before him he will make weak things strong unto us. I will continue to serve the Lord with all my heart out here. Your prayers and emails mean the world to me. Shout out to the Depaola's for their awesome package. Thank you so much! I forgot my camera in Levuka I'll have lots of pictures to send next week!

Much Love, Elder Jonati

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