Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #45

Kaise he' (Hindi) Matavuvale! It's been quite the week. Every week I feel like I learn more and more and I just think what could possibly be my next step and well... after an amazing Zone Conference....I found it! Our Zone Conference was all about the atonement! Probably one of the most powerful Zone Conferences ever! Our Mission President has such an amazing understanding of the atonement and every missionary walked out of the mission home inspired to dig a little deeper and try even harder. My Interview with President was exactly what I needed. Before our interviews he told us if we want to know what we can work on as missionaries he will be honest and tell us. I've been wanting to improve in any way possible so I decided to ask him. After a talk with my President it was clear that I need to be more Bold and Confident. These are things I am not afraid to admit are my weaknesses. This past week I have been studying my heart out. I want to become confident and bold! I was reading a talk by Tad R. Callister on how to become a more consecrated missionary. One of the things that I liked from his talk was that as a missionary we have to put all of our fears on the altar of sacrifice. While studying in Doctrine and Covenants I realized it is in fact a commandment from the Lord to open our mouths and declare his word! "And thou must open thy mouth at ALL times, declaring my gospel with the sound of rejoicing."-D&C 28:16 Every night since my interview with president I have been praying for confidence and when I walk out of the flat I fake it till I make it. As a result I have experienced immediate blessings! I still have more confidence to gain and more to learn but I can testify that within just a few week period of talking to all and just being confident, I have already gained more confidence and have witnessed miracles! In Mosiah 2:20-24 we learn that God is so great. It is impossible to compare ourselves to him. We are like the dust of the earth compared to his greatness and glory. It goes on to say that even if we served him with every ounce of our soul, we would be unprofitable servants. Yet....all he asks of us is to keep his commandments! in verse 24 its says..."And secondly, he doth require that ye should do as he hath commanded you; for which if ye do, he doth IMMEDIATELY bless you;..." The day after my interview I decided to be bold in all things. To just show people how happy this gospel makes me and make them feel that excitement and joy. When I really sit down and think about it, how could someone not rejoice in how amazing this gospel is? Families can literally live together forever. Death has no victory and we can all be resurrected. We all can receive Eternal life and it's not just a blind test! Our Heavenly Father gave his son Jesus Christ to be that perfect example, that if we follow, we will return to live with him again in the Celestial Kingdom of God! When we make mistakes it is not the end...our savior has already suffered for it. When we repent we can jump back on the straight and narrow path and continue on! I love this gospel. I'm so excited I get to improve myself and not do it alone! He is with me and teaching me every second of the day! My week here in Levuka started on Thursday night! We returned back to our area late Wednesday night and have been working ever since. I've seen miracles. Yesterday at church 5 of our investigators came. I mentioned last week about a little boy whose father is a strong Methodist preacher. Despite that, he comes to church all on his own....except for this last Sunday;) ...His dad came! He sat through the entire church....and at the end of the priesthood lesson he asked our branch president to let him say a few words. He said he's been watching his son come to this church for weeks and finally decided he had to see what was so amazing about it to his son! He told his story of being a strong John Wesley Methodist preacher. He said while holding the Book of Mormon that he can't believe he's been missing this! He said he's seen a change in his 10 year old son and after coming to church just once he knows it's true! After Church Elder Bond and I went to go sit down with him and his family. We shared about the restoration and at the end of the lesson he said He knows it is all true. He said this church is true and that he is going to write a letter to his church and resign from being a methodist preacher......You can imagine my jaw just dropping in this lesson like.....He said he's been searching forever for the correct way of baptism and the priesthood and he's found it here in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. His name is Same. His wife is Serena and they have 2 sons and a daughter and they all want to be baptized. When I invited them over for family home evening tonight they thought I was calling for them to come over to be baptized! I had to explain to them that they need to take some lessons first. This is a miracle and a testimony to me of how true this church really is! You can just feel it. Simply because it feels good! I know this church is true and am Loving Levuka. I'm so grateful for a dad who pushed me out on my mission and showed me how to work hard. I love my dad on earth and in Heaven. This is a real work and I love you all!

Love, Elder Jonutz

Some pirates came and raided Levuka this week

It started getting rainy this past week
Some car accident on the way to Zone Conference

Life in Levuka town

Long Carrier ride to Arovudi Village

Goodbye Black pearl (It left this morning)
This crazy cruise ship came!

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