Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week #52

Dear Everyone! I cannot even think of where to start this email. So many miracles have happened this week that it would be impossible for me to write them all down in this email, let alone describe them all to you. I can truly testify that Levuka has exploded in the gospel. Day after day our numbers of those interested increase.....The lessons I am learning and the spirit that I feel here will stay with me for the rest of my life!  Something Elder Ruwhiu and I have been working on is continual communication in our companionship. Before every lesson we talk about how we want the lesson to go and after the lesson we talk about what we could have done better. We see goals we want to accomplish and we go for it the entire week. I believe we've seen miracles because we're willing to be obedient and we are working together! There's a reason we as missionaries are called to serve in pairs of 2!  We found 5 new investigators this week who all are so prepared. One of them is in desperate need of the gospel and when she listened to the message it gave her peace. Last Tuesday Akuila and Koula called to tell us that Koula's sister was staying out at their house and that she needed lessons. We walked up to their house and knocked on the door. There was a long pause and then someone answered the door and from the look on her face she looked pretty depressed. But she welcomed us in anyway and immediately went and grabbed her Bible and sat down and was ready to listen. We started the lesson and asked why she wanted to hear our message and she said this, "Last week I saw my husband killed when a car came flying down the road and hit him while trying to walk across the street......I want to come closer to Jesus and I need peace."  Her statement hit me....We shared with her about the plan of salvation and she loved it.....Especially Alma 40:11-12. When our mortal bodies die our spirits return back to our Father in Heaven, and those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness where they shall receive rest. Just being able to testify to her that I know where her husband is helped her feel peace. She told us that she had taken lessons before but didn't accept. She said she felt the holy ghost prompt her to take lessons again and she said she felt the same feeling again when we sat down with her and shared about the plan of salvation. She took the lessons all this last week and bore her testimony on the plan of salvation this past Sunday.  She's committed to being baptized the 21st of this month. It's the best feeling in the world to see the gospel help people!  We also found another lady, Seriena Tukana! She's a school teacher from Levuka and she loves the lessons so far!  We shared the message about the restoration and she loved it so much she took it home to her family and shared it with them. She said she wanted to sit down with us every day this week and has also committed to being baptized! We have another investigator named Lai. Recently we've been trying to get her to read the Book of Mormon and pray and this week she did! She said she got a small answer as if a whisper that told her Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  She wants to be baptized this Sunday. The Lord is helping us so much here. It has nothing to do with us. I know it is simply because He loves His children here in Levuka. I can feel it when I sit across from them in a lesson.  He helps us speak to their hearts through the Holy Ghost. Those who listen to the invitation and just read the Book of Mormon KNOW that it is true! That testifies to me how powerful the Book of Mormon is!  You just have to read the book and then you will feel the love of God and you will desire to feel more and know more! All of our members have been asking for Book of Mormons to give out. Our branch is on fire giving us referrals. They are invigorated in sharing their testimonies with others and not afraid to share because they know it is true!  If anyone has fallen away and just doesn't think this church is true. If they will just open the book and read.....and desire to know and ask God. He will answer your prayer and you will know because you will feel it.  Without going into too much detail I'm a witness to miracles this week. I know that faith in Jesus Christ can cause people to be healed. The priesthood is real and miracles have not ceased. I will never forget Samisone's words this week after giving him a priesthood blessing. He said he felt fire in his head work down through his whole body and the pain left him immediately.  His faith in Jesus Christ makes me want to strengthen my own. I feed off the spirit. To be honest I can't live without it.  To teach me lessons at times he withdraws his spirit from me to let me know that it is done by his power. This gospel, like stated in Alma 32, has become delicious to me. I wouldn't trade my companionship with the Holy Ghost for anything in this world. It's raining like crazy here but there's work to do. I love the gospel. Jesus Christ lives and it is engraved in my heart that this is His church. Anditabua, Laisana, Diana, Seriana Tukana, and Viliame and Kalini have all committed to sitting down with us everyday this week in preparation for them to be baptized. The work of the Lord is hastening. 

Much Love, Elder Jonati

The village kids from Natokalau are the best hahaha

Forgot to send this last week

This was at some members house and when I saw it it made me die laughing

The companionship tho

We caught a rat with rat glue and it gave birth. Pretty gross
(From mom: I refuse to enlarge this photo.  It's disgusting!!!)

This is our branch president's wife with her son Soula. He's a handful


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