Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week #55

Bula Vinakers family! Well it’s been quite the week! A lot has happened and some new changes have been made. I'm sad to report that my adventures in Levuka have come to an end.....but nevertheless I am excited to report that the Lord needs me in a new area! We received the call from mission president on Tuesday and I had to leave on Wednesday morning at 3:00am to make sure I could be at the mission home to pick up my new trainee! Not going to lie saying goodbye to everyone in Levuka was not the easiest thing I've ever had to do and I am going to miss them all like crazy.... It was also hard to say goodbye to Elder Ruiwhu, but he's going to kill it in Levuka so all is well. You are probably all wondering where I got transferred!  So I am now serving in the city of Naulu! It's a pretty small area but I am so pumped to just get to know everyone! Thursday morning we had a training with President Layton and then we went to go pick up our new trainees!  I was pretty excited as we entered the mission home and there stood about 10 new missionaries and I had no idea which one was going to be mine hahhaha! It was pretty intense. They all got their new call letters to their new areas and read them out loud and read who their new trainers would be! It was quite the experience! So my new companion is Elder Payne from Logan Utah. I just have to say I am so happy I got him! He's the man. I was pretty nervous I was going to get some super hard disobedient missionary but NO! This guy is just the greatest. His Fijian is pretty dang good for just coming out of the MTC and he has lots of entertaining stories to tell from back home so it's been fun. So... something a little different is in my district it's all sister missionaries. I'm what the missionaries call the “Relief Society President” hahaha! I'm pretty nervous and extremely just relying on the Lord right now. We are whitewashing the area and have nothing to go off of. There was an area book at the flat but it wasn't really up to date.  So the past few days we have just been knocking doors! I never thought I'd knock doors hahaha! This area is pretty different from my past areas!  It's a city with residential homes and more people speak English and Hindi than Fijian.  I know the Lord is going to help us find some people who are prepared and I am so excited to just start from scratch.  Although it is nerve-racking, I know I am going to learn so much. I hope I can be the best example for my new "son" and perform this calling the way Heavenly Father intends for me to.  We already have seen some miracles in this area.  On our first day while waking around knocking on doors we came across this big, really nice house. We decided to go up and see who lived there and if they wanted to hear a message about the Savior. Turns out they did. They turned out to be this way cool family and one of the girls who lives there is actually a member. One of the mothers who is living in the house was really sick and we offered to give a blessing. The spirit filled the house and we invited them to be baptized and they said that they were already baptized into the Methodist church. So Elder Payne and I are way excited to explain to them the importance of the priesthood next time we go over! Something else that’s new is I am serving in a ward. I am going to miss my little Levuka branch. This Sunday was intimidating.  Over 100 people came to church and it's like an actual chapel.....with pews and it's like the chapel back home. It felt so weird! I'm pretty overwhelmed at the moment with many things but I know it's going to strengthen me and help me draw closer to the Savior. I love you all and hope that I can fulfill my purpose here.  

Love, Elder Jonati

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