Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week #83

Bula Vinaka y'all! It has been a super awesome week! Never in my life have I seen so many lightning storms! I have to admit though that sitting in a lesson at night in a village when there's crazy lightning and thunder going off feels pretty dang cool. Especially when Elder Willoughby and I share our testimonies and it ends with a big boom of thunder! We felt pretty cool hahaha! A lot of awesome things just happened this past week. We've been working pretty dang hard with our Vanua Levu family and they are starting to prepare to be baptized! Just this past week we sat down with the whole family and shared about the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity and they loved it! The father said after we shared those commandments with him that he read some verses from the Book of Mormon and he just knows that those commandments are important! He and his wife were originally going to be baptized on the 25th of this month but they've decided to push it closer and so they are going to be baptized this Sunday BULLLLAAAA! I'm so excited for this family. They said they want to take the lead and then their kids are going to follow. I've been meeting with this family ever since I've been in this area and they are just such humble people and were so prepared to accept the gospel. I'm more than happy! This next Sunday is going to be sweet! Along with their family we have been working with some other families that are still working on reading the Book of Mormon and hopefully they'll get their answers soon. On Friday we went to the Singhs to do service and holy cow my shoulders are killing me. Brother Singh is a work horse! The guy is like in his 50's and he works like an animal. He took us out into the woopwoop and cut down these huge logs and we got the lucky job of carrying them on our shoulders. We took multiple trips and some of us almost died along the way but we felt buff after so that was nice.

This week I've been reading in the Book of Mormon about Captain Moroni, Helaman, Teancum and the 2000 strippling warriors. Probably the best section in the Book of Mormon in my opinion. But the lessons I've learned from these legacy's is that satan only has as much power as we give him. As long as we make preparations and fill our minds with faith in Jesus Christ we can conquer anything in this life. It may be scary sometimes when we can't see the future of our lives but when we obey with exactness and push forward with faith, everything is possible. That's what I know. Anyways on Sunday we had Lotu Vata (combined church).  About 4 units came along with the Stake President and Bishop and it was bomb.  A lot of our members got interviewed to be able to go to the temple to be sealed as a family and so there's nothing better than that! Naitasiri is doing awesome and I'm glad to be serving here. Au lomani Kemuni! 

Love, Elder Jonutz

Fijian Army

The kids literally pile up every time we take pictures

We found these way sick looking flowers so we hung it up in our car

Elder Willoughby standing outside when lightening strike. It was pitch black outside and the lightning lit up everything!

Our boat upgraded and got an engine!

Members getting picked up for the lotu vata

Pretty sweet picture....


me an my perty flower

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