Friday, September 18, 2015

Week #6 Last few days in the MTC!!!

BULA family! What a week once again! I don’t even know where to start hahaha! Last Sunday was probably the most spiritual I've ever had! That day Elder Sieverts and I did a special fast for Elder Miller. When we took the sacrament it was so spiritual. I just decided that day to really focus on the life of the savior and everything he's done for us and it made the sacrament so special! To make the day even better Elder Sieverts and I taught priesthood meeting for the elders and the spirit was so strong. Our topic was obedience. We took like an hour everyday planning the lesson so it turned out just AWESOME! Anyways, the past few days since I have gotten my flight plans have been crazy! I stay up at night with adrenaline and  ANXIETY just thinking about the plane ride there and what IN THE WORLD HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO HAHHA BULA. I'm so pumped at the same time though! My mind keeps telling me I'm not ready and that I don’t know the language that well.  But these are the same thoughts that I had before I came to the MTC.  I've realized however that I'm a missionary.  A representative of Jesus Christ. I am on his errand and I've begun to realize there is no reason for me to fear when I am in the service of my Heavenly Father.  He created the universe..... I'm not afraid to get out there and just open my mouth.  In fact I'm so ready to shove the spirit in all the Fijians faces!!!  As nicely as possible of course:) This week a lot has happened. Probably one of the most influential weeks of my life... I say that every week though hahaha au vei waliga haha! I've come so close to my savior i feel like. Thinking about every single thing he has done for me and how happy this gospel makes me. I bought a Book of Mormon and have only been highlighting all the attributes of Crist that I can find. It has been so helpful! I just want to emulate him as much as I can.  Some missionaries here don’t understand why being all the way strictly obedient is so important.  But it’s because we need to have the spirit.  We can’t convert without it.  When i look at being obedient it doesn’t seem that hard when i think about all the things the Savior has done for us. He gave his life, was spat upon, rejected and yet all he asks of us is to follow his commandments... There is no end to his love! I’M so spiritually high right now haha BULAAAA. Nonetheless some sad news... Elder Miller's appendix burst and he has to stay home for two months! His parents had to come pick him up from the hospital. It's such a bummer. We were looking forward to him flying with us. So now I’m in a tri-companionship with Elder Sieverts and Elder Nelson (who was Elder Miller's companion). Oh well though, obviously the lord has other plans for Elder Miller. He went home yesterday. Yesterday was spiritually amazing! We had this in-field orientation that lasted for nine long non-stop hours but it was good. Then that night we had another skype call with this Fijian lady. I  always am terrified of skype calls because for one THEY ARE SO AWKWARD!  And for two I always forget all my fijian and sit there in silence sometimes like ummmmmm...... But last night was none of these experiences! She said she felt the spirit through my fijian and my companions and i wanted to cry i was so happy! I’ve been praying for the spirit to come through my Fijian so it was awesome!!! I also remembered the whole first vision in fijian BULAAAA hahaha! It feels so good!

So about my flight to Fiji!!!!!!! So since I'm leaving the MTC at 2:30 in the afternoon and my flight leaves at 7:30, expect a call from anytime around those hours! Ah super excited! Weird. About the video from hazel i never got to see it! My email wouldn’t let me!! I was so sad!! It’s the computers here at the mtc they have a block. I should be able to watch them in Fiji. Tomorrow all the tongan,samoan,kiribati, and marshall island districts are singing to us our farewells. Last night my whole district was singing this fijian song outside and we sounded so good that everyone came out from their classrooms and told us we sounded so cool and they've never heard a cooler song! Its’ way cool! I took a video I’ll try to send it!  Anyways, I love you all! FIJI HERE I COME! I took all day packing today and i weighed my luggage. 45 lbs for both bags bullllaaaaaaa! I miss all of you!   

Here’s the first vision in Fijian! 

Au sa raitha e cake e dua na rarama
donuya tiko na uluqu, ia ni sa mai toqa
e mataqu au sa qai raitha e rua na tamata
ia na kendrau iserau kei na iukuuku sa 
sega ni vakamacalataki rawawa, a sa 
kacivi au e dua vei rau, ogo na nomu
gone nitoko, MO ROGOVI KOYA!

Love Elda CHO  

(That’s what they are going to call me my teacher said! They pronounce “J” like that and they have no Z's so they said they will basically call me elder Jo but it sounds like “elda CHO” hahaha)

This elder always falls asleep in class! Ignore the stupid look on my face ah haha but i couldn't resist doing this because he sleeps with his mouth open. 

My bed clean hahaha

Me and my minion buddy

It rained so much this week! Just preppin us for Fiji!

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