Friday, September 11, 2015

Week #5

Bula Vinaka Fam fam! I got my flight plans today!! BUUULAAA! It literally feels like I’ve been here for two weeks at tops. It's crazy how fast time flies here at the MTC! So I’ll be leaving the mtc on the 21st (not this monday but the next monday). I am so scared hahahaha........ This week started off super amazing. I spoke Fijian for two days straight all by myself. No one wanted to do it since we all failed last time hahah.  But I DID.  BULA for meee! So I don’t even know where to begin this week. Literally a lot of crazy things have happened. I’ll start with a list!

Elder willingly rips his toenail off!

I bought 1000 flashcards for Fiji

Emergency room, E.R., Appendix bursting!!!

So if those headliners didn’t catch your eyes I don’t know what else will. Not too many exciting things happen here at the MTC but this week was a wave of craziness for sure. So Monday night we were in our dorm room and this Elder in our room (Elder Howard) took off his sock and realized he had an in-grown toenail. ew haha.... SO he goes and grabs these pliers! First off I don’t even know why he had pliers.....? He then proceeds to say oh well i guess i have to rip this one out too.... SO HE JUST GOES AHEAD AND RIPS HIS TOENAIL OFF WITH THESE PLIERS!!!! I wanted to puke. He didn’t even wince with pain. He’s like this huge guy and it was so gross ahhh. So sorry for bothering you with this disturbing story...the next day was way more spiritual! Tuesday was awesome and sad! Tuesday morning we lost 30 missionaries from our branch! They were alll leaving to tonga, samoa, and the marshall islands! It was sad to say goodbye since i had made friends with so many of them but they are off to better things! Tuesday night we had an awesome devotional from Bishop Causse' who is in the presiding bishopbric of the church. He was way awesome and gave this talk on how we as missionaries need to be more bold and it made me gain more confidence! After his talk he walked over to this grand piano and played for all 2000 missionaries and he was soo good. I miss music! So every chance i get to hear songs or sing them here it is awesome! So like I said i spoke for two days straight in fijian. It was more like a day and a half cuz i decided to stop at dinner. So all my fijian teachers are only speaking fijian to us in our 3 hour language classes! It’s so hard. Keep the prayers coming please haha. This week i actually felt good with the language until our skype call last night from someone from Fiji. That’s when i realized i still have so much to learn. Oh wells. Bulas Vinakas Dudes haha. That’s what my whole district says now. It’s called finglish ;) SOoooo to get better at learning the language i decided to go buy 1000 flashcards and organized them into categories ;) Mom you’d be so proud of me haha. Anyway! I don’t have a lot to say this week. I’m just in shock i already have my flight plans! And I’m super tired because I was up until 1:00 last night! So this Elder Miller in my district yesterday was having a lot of stomach pain and so he went to the doctor and they said they thought his appendix was going to burst and if it did, it would be a 6 week recovery and he wouldn’t be able to leave to fiji with us. (oh i forgot to mention something! All the 19 fijian elders are all flying on the same plane! It’s so awesome! that’s rare here). so anyways, they gave him meds and sent him back and at one in the morning last night he started puking and saying he was hurting really bad and his breathing was creepy and like shivering so we called the front desk and they sent an ambulance and security guards to our dorm and rushed him to the hospital. I feel so bad for him. Luckily i woke up at 5:00 and he was back in the dorm from the hospital. Supposedly, it’s a really bad viral infection and the tissue around his kidney is inflamed. We're super happy his appendix didn’t burst and are praying he gets better by the 21st! SO that pretty much sums up my week. Just craaaaaazy crazy. I feel the promptings of the spirit everyday here and everyday i learn something new from the holy ghost. The most important thing i have learned from this week would be that as a missionary i need to be more bold and open my mouth and say the things Heavenly Father needs me to say and not be afraid of people rejecting it. I found this to be true in a scripture I read in MOSIAH 12:19! I love you allllll.  I’ll be calling home on the 21st i think sometime around 5 or 6 but I’m not sure yet! I’ll have more details by next friday. I love you all and thanks dad for all your letters! Oh and mom I got my face wash :) Thanks for hooking your son up ;)

Love you all,

                   Elder Jonutz

My District

Me with my flight plans

My flashcards

My flight plans

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