Friday, September 4, 2015

Week #4

BULLAAAA Matavuvale (family). Vakacava Tiko (how are you)!?  These days have just been flying by! I honestly cannot even recall what I did Sunday through Wednesday this week!  I am in shock every time P-day  comes! So on tusiti (tuesday), Elder Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke to us. It was way good! He and his wife spoke to us on how we can better come to feel the spirit and be guided. It was broadcasted from the Provo mtc to all the mtc's around the world. He talked about how we cannot teach the gospel without the spirit. I thought it was perfect for me because i’ve been searching for more ways i can be guided by the spirit. What he said surprised me. He said the most important thing we can do as missionaries to be guided and connected to the spirit is to partake of the sacrament every week...but instead of just going through the motions of partaking of it to think about all the words in the prayer and recite them through out the entire week. So i’ll be doing that this week to see how it goes! My district sung in the choir for that meeting and i was on “mtc tv” all over the world hahaha i’m so not cool!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE HAZEL IS WALKING! I miss her and all you guys and extended family and friends! So the thing where we were only going to speak Fijian....ha....ha...haaaa. Yeah....We lasted about one day up until dinner and we all cracked because we were mentally going insane by not being able to say the things we wanted to say hahaha! Not going to lie, this week has been pretty tough on me. The language is hard and we taught this lesson one night to our teacher and he said this one thing in Fijian and i had no idea what it was so i just froze and was like whaaaaaaat??.... and then i forgot my whole lesson and it was terrible. I wanted to cry haha! I was really dissappointed in myself so that night i prayed like crazy and the next day me and Elder Sieverts were able to come up with this awesome lesson and we asked him to be baptized and we was soupa excited and then he said the worst thing he could of possibly said in Fijian when we taught him. He said he was already baptized into the methodist church and i had no idea what to say to that...ugh. He is hard on us on purpose!  On saturday night we had TRC! It's my favorite part about the mtc by far!!! It’s where actual people from fiji come and you sit in a room with them for 40 minutes and just share a home teaching message cuz they are all members. Some are Fijian and some are return missionaries. Anyways, i was teaching this one guy and i literally understood almost every word he said and he told us his whole life story and i was able to relate his life story to the gospel in fijian and i was even surprised with myself! I didn’t know i was able to say some of those things!!! It was a way cool experience. Fijian is so cooool. I memorized the missionary purpose in fijian hehehe. And i’m not copying it off paper right now so be amazed! 

Sureti ira na tani me ra lako mai vei Jisu Karisto
ena nomu vukei ira me ra na ciqoma no kosepeli
vakalasui mai ena nodra vakabauti i Jisu Karisto
ka na nona veisoravaki, veievutuni, papitaiso, na ciqoma na isolisoli
ni yalo tabu. Ka vosota me yacova na ivakatautioti

It took me a day to memorize that but i got it ;)))

I think i figured out why i have been struggling with the language so much! During my personal study yesterday i found an awesome scripture - Jacob 4:7  
It taught me that sometimes when we are trying our hardest to do something and we just can’t do it, it's the Lord just showing us we can’t do it without Him. Our power only comes from his grace. And once i realized that i started doing better in the language and other things. 

Anways Au lomani keitou (I LOve you guys)  I’ll probably be getting my flight plans next saturday ahhh. This is so weird!

LOve, Elder JOnutz!      P.S  Thank for the package mom and everyone. Tell aunt natalie thank you for the poster I love it! 

Working hard...

I love my guitar playing minion

This is probably TMI, but our room stinks and we need this!!

Trying to learn the language!! 

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