Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week #50

Bula Vinaka Kai Vulagi! All I have to say is........This week went by WAY fast! So much has happened and there's so much to look back and reflect on! Elder Ruwhiu and I have just been trying to give it our all. It's been really good to have this 1st week to work together. Monday night was one I will never forget. Family Home Evenings here have become a hit! I remember my 1st family home evening here was just with the Betchu family and us....THAT WAS IT.  Last Monday we met in Natokalau village and over 40+ people came and President Liga had us share the spiritual thought. We decided to share about how our works should glorify our Father in Heaven and be examples to those who don't have the restored gospel. What was supposed to be this small short message turned out to be this spiritually empowering testimony meeting. Most of our investigators went to the family home evening and they testified to the church members that they knew what we shared with them was true! Just sitting there in our Branch President’s home watching our investigators and members bear testimony hit me pretty hard. That night made me open my eyes a lot more to how much of an impact this gospel has on us... It was a pretty fun night.  We all piled up in this small truck and sat in the back and all of the youth were getting along and the investigators got to be even better friends with the members! The majority of this week was preparing Sister Ana, Sireli, Timoci and Theresa to be baptized. We visited them non-stop everyday last week making sure that they were absolutely ready. They are so amazing....Friday night our district leader came out and on Saturday he went to go do the baptismal interviews. The night of the interview Timoci's mom and Sireli's mom didn't want them to be baptized. We were praying really hard for them to soften their hearts. Timoci was crying and I know it was because of how badly he wanted to be baptized. Then a MIRACLE HAPPENED! Sister Ana went and talked to both of their parents and they agreed to let them be baptized. They were both so happy and it really was a tender mercy from the Lord. On Sunday I had the opportunity to watch them all be baptized and MANNN I am so happy!  Later that night we went back up to their house to have some “tea and crumpets” (herbal tea and tang pie hahaha). While we were there another miracle happened! Sister Ana's great-uncle wanted to take lessons. He had told them after he saw them get baptized that he wanted to be baptized as well! Hoorah For Israel!!!! After that we went to Theresa (Samisone's grand-daughter) He told us that his other two grandchildren Viliame and Kalina want to take the lessons as well! Hoorah for Israel AGAIN!  I just feel so blessed.....The Lord truly does place those who are ready to receive the gospel in our path! That night I was talking to Samisone and he told me that the branch is going to get 200 this year.  At first I didn't understand what he meant by 200 but then it hit me and I was like.................... He said, "Elder Jonati, the work is hastening and this island is ready!  We are going to work hard and find all we can.  I want a chapel!  HE HAS SO MUCH FAITH!  The work is hastening so fast out here.  If I could, I would serve these people for the rest of my entire mission.  I wish all of you could just come witness one day in the life of being a missionary out on Ovalau island at this time.  So much is happening.  My favorite scripture of the week is Alma 13:24 - "For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming and in his glory."  I testify that Jesus Christ is coming again. There is a way for us to enter to be prepared to meet him and our Heavenly Father and the first step is baptism.  I know Jesus Christ lives. The rest of the week was way fun!  Last P-day we went to the rugby field and played soccer with the kids.....they kicked my butt.  I was feeling sad about the choices of one of our investigators one day while walking through the village and this random 4 year old little girl walked up to me and grabbed my hand.  It was pretty cute and it made me feel way better hahaha!  Heavenly Father has billions of different ways He sends comfort to his children.  I love being a missionary and am excited to work harder this week. Love you all!

Elder Jonati 

me and Juju

good ol baba

Sister Ana and her kids

Everyone on the way to family home evening

Everyone at family home evening

All the kids! Batidredre

President Liga

All the youth hahaha

They stole the camera and took all these pictures

I got way sick on Tuesday so our investigators gave me this fancy umbrella for the rain

Sister Ana, Theresa,Timoci and Sireli

Walking down!


I lost a game and had to eat this....

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