Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week #60

Bula Vinaka Fam and Friends! So many things did not go according to plan this week and it tested our patience and faith.  This was a week of trials, but nevertheless my Heavenly Father was with me through it all and good things are happening! Never in my life could I have ever imagined what a mission would be like before serving one.  And now that I'm on one every day blows me away. Tuesday was pretty crazy.  We had our district meeting and strengthened one another and it prepared us to go out and fight for souls. Our family that we are teaching...Ana, Josaia, Josefa, Bano, and Josaia are constantly growing closer to God. Wednesday night we went and sat down with them and asked them how they felt about what we had been sharing with them. They said they watched the Restoration video as a family and they all bore testimony of Joseph Smith. The son-in-law (Josefa) paused after we asked him how he felt and he said that ever since we have been coming he's desired to change.  He said he feels the spirit and he wants to be baptized. His testimony was strong and the whole family felt it so we committed them all to baptized and they said yes.  I just think to myself of the first day we found that family.  We were walking back to our flat for the night when we walked past this house..... I remember as we walked by the house I felt something inside me that we needed to turn around and go back to the house.  If I hadn't have listened to the spirit this amazing family would still have been kept from the truth.  But they no longer are in darkness. The whole manner of the family has changed. When we visit with them it's calm. Their sons have stopped smoking, drinking and swearing. Sister Ana says she comes home to find her son, Josaia, reading the book of mormon and that he's a completely changed person. I love what the Book of Mormon does to us. Just the power that is inside this book is more powerful than anything I've ever seen. Since I've been on my mission I've realized that the Book of Mormon is our key. It has become my peace. When I am confused or lost I just open up the Book of Mormon and no matter what chapter or verse I am in I am immediately filled with the Love of God. I feel enlightened and encouraged.  Without the constant daily reading of the Book of Mormon I would definitely feel lost.  We were able to take the majority of their family to church yesterday and we're still working with the rest.  Jovesa finally came to church and loved it!  Despite his differences the members treated him perfectly and he is getting closer and closer to his baptism. There’s so much that has happened this week that I can't explain it. Sister Heritage has been having struggles. She was kicked out of her village and now has no home.  Her baptism was this Saturday but because of all her challenges she wasn't able to be at her baptism. The Lord is going to help us help her and I have faith in that. Domoniko is just doing amazing. The spirit testified to him the Book of Mormon is true and his wife has also decided she wants to be baptized. If I have learned one thing this week it is that God's children are all different.  As missionaries and members we are asked to feed His sheep.  It's greater than any other work we can do!  No wonder Jesus asked Peter 3 times to feed his sheep.  Feeding his sheep is helping our brothers and sisters understand the gospel.  It is up to them to accept but if you listen to the spirit you can help them accept.  I want to help everyone I can return to the Kingdom of our Father.  Whatever it takes.  Even if we have to go hungry or lose sleep.  When we are in the service of God he takes care of His servants. I love My Father. I know this is His work. It's hard and it hurts sometimes but the Savior suffered more than anything we can experience and that’s why I am here. When I'm feeling sad or discouraged the best antidote is to serve His sheep. I love His sheep. I love you all and share this in the name of Jesus Christ. Emeni.

Love, Elder Jonutz

Since our district was doing so good we bought a cake

For service we got some polau(an awesome indian food)
Elder Payne's feet are pretty bad......

So I used some Fijian medicine

I mashed it all up (its's called QILI)

Then  I squeezed the medicine on his sores. (Practicing Anesthesiology)

All we had was flour and sugar so we made what we could hahaha

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