Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week #61

Bula everyone! I think "joy" describes our past week pretty well! Just my love for the Savior has increased so much. I feel proud to wear his name and follow his voice. The work of God will never cease to amaze me and I will never forget the witnesses I have received. This week we worked hard fortifying the faith of our investigators. I think now more than ever I have come to realize that we don't have to rely on our wisdom to help these people. Christ is the shepherd and I get to find and protect his sheep. He knows his sheep. He knows us....They know his voice and for 2 years I have the opportunity to help people remember his voice! Domoniko is one of our investigators who has come to remember his voice and he knows that this is his church. This week we took lots of time to visit with him and his wife Caroline and they are both preparing to follow their Savior into the waters of baptism! Domoniko had the opportunity to watch conference this week with his wife. They both loved it. In Fiji we watch it the week after, and we have what we call a conference marathon! Saturday we watched all 6 hours of conference straight hahaaha! It was the best thing ever. We literally were wide awake and took notes the entire time! It was complete opposite of what I used to experience at home when watching conference haaa! President Uchtdorf's talk was my favorite. The plan of Salvation really is so profound and awesome. His talk reminded me to not take it for granted! It has brightened the depressed minds of so many. Because of God's plan we know why we are here and where we are going and who we are. Domoniko now knows he can be baptized for his loved ones who have passed on!  He told us the other day he cannot wait to dive into the baptismal font this Saturday. We explained to him that diving is prohibited but we appreciated his enthusiasm haaaha! When we told him after his baptism that he would receive the priesthood and could baptize his wife he was so happy. He told us that his whole family after him is going to be baptized and that all of his kids and grandkids will be taking lessons starting this week as well. I AM SO HAPPY FOR THIS FAMILY! Also, Josaia, Bano, and Josefa are doing amazing. This Sunday all 3 of them came to conference and loved it. Josaia said he knows this church is true and he knows this is Christ's church. He said, "Even amidst all the loud kids in your congregation I could still feel the spirit when the apostles and Prophet spoke." Josaia and Bano have their baptismal service combined with Domoniko this Saturday and we are just so pumped. It amazes me sometimes just when I'm sitting down with these people and I realize how much Jesus Christ knows these people because the Holy Ghost always gives us the right things to say that help them feel the spirit! Joy just describes my feelings at this time! Enoke our 15 year old who wanted to be baptized this Saturday had some sad news. When we went to go ask his mom she said no. It was pretty sad....she said he's a naughty kid and isn't ready to be baptized. We are just going to pray for her and keep trying to do all we can. People have their agency but I know God can work miracles through the spirit. I'm just so excited for this week. Conference was the boost I think we all needed and I'm ready to go to work. I love you all!

Love Elder Jonutz

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