Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week #63

Bula vinaka you guys! Fiji is still very rainy and super hot...they've predicted 7 cyclones to come in the next few months. We've been getting fed literally every single day and I think I need to beef up my work-outs in the morning or I am going to end up like “moto-moto” from madagascar.  Miracles just have not ceased and I cannot express it enough that the Savior is with us in our missionary work. It was a pretty exciting week because nothing went as planned. Elder Payne and I were planning on doing a lot of finding this week and we were stunned when we found out that Heavenly Father had already been doing the finding for us. I've told you all about Brother Domoniko and the amazing member who fellowshipped him, Brother Qionitoga (by the way his name in fijian means, shark of toga) Well anyways he has been doing even more missionary work and we are extremely blessed to have him in our area. The Lord is using him for the salvation of souls. Let me explain....On Wednesday we went to Domoniko's house to continue to prepare his wife, Tuliana, to be baptized this Saturday. Earlier that afternoon Brother Qionitoga called us and said, "Elders! I have two more friends who want to take the lessons to be baptized!" We gladly responded and met up with him and went first to see Sister Tuliana.  At her house we found her son, Aseri, waiting. Tuliana explained to us that Domoniko took up Aseri's job so that Aseri could stay home and take the lessons because he wants to be baptized! We were shocked! Keep in mind Domoniko is a 74 year old man! The sacrifices people make to hear the gospel and for their family to hear the gospel makes me so happy. So after we sat with them we left their house and were walking with Brother Qionitoga when he said, "This house asked if we could come over and give them a blessing."  It was this Hindu house that we pass almost everyday.  We walked in and saw that the Indian man who was sitting on the floor had no leg.  His wife was sitting by him and they said they both were feeling sick and wanted a blessing.  We explained to them that the blessing works according to their faith in Jesus Christ.  They told us they were both Christian and left their Hindi religion years ago.  We gave them the blessings and it was a powerful experience.  They told us that everyday when they see us walk by they've been wanting to ask us if we could come over and say a prayer for them.  We explained to them that we come over to do more than just share prayers but we share about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They said they wanted to hear it and so we started sharing it with them this week.  Recently we just visited them and they were telling us about all the blessings they've been receiving this week since we came into their home.  They both want to be baptized...we just are figuring out a transportation system for them to get them to church.  So we are way excited about them!  After we walked out of their home Brother Qionitoga lead us to this next house!  We sat down with two more of his Hindi friends. The older man is stuck in a wheelchair and explained to us that he used to be a serious preacher but after having an accident his relationship with God has diminished and that he's "backslided".  His wife has been to our church before and also wanted to know more. They both explained to us that they want to be baptized and so we told them that before they are baptized we have to share some lessons with them and that we want them to have strong relationships with God before doing so. The only issue is the wife speaks only Hindi and the husband speaks a little english.  Miraculously we have been able to teach them.....They understand it and we read the Book of Mormon with them in Hindi so that’s been fun! They said at the rate we've been teaching them they will be baptized very soon. I am just so happy Heavenly Father has blessed us with all these willing souls. On top of that Josaia and Bano's sisters, Va, Esta, and Lena have all decided they want to be baptized as well. We asked them why they didn't come out the first time we went to their house. They told us that they were ashamed because they are the only ones in their family who aren't religious but that ever since we've come over they have felt a difference in their homes. They told us that they saw the change in their brothers after their baptism and that they want to come closer to Jesus Christ.  BULLLLAAAA!  Honestly I'm shouting Hurrraaah for Israel! Va's husband, Josefa, has also told us he would like to be baptized so we have been preparing them all this past week!  Their family tries to feed us every night and they try to give us rides everywhere. Their parents treat us like we are their kids and it is so funny haahaa! This week I've learned that when Heavenly father places people in our path who want the gospel we need to act and we need to devote our all to help them because we are all disciples. Brother Qionitoga is an example to all. When I think of him I am reminded of President Uchtdorf's talk "Use your Amuleks".  Brother Qionitoga is our Amulek and when missionary work and members work together the work of the Lord hastens.  I know that to be true! - In the name of Jisu Karisto Emeni! 


Elder Jonutz

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