Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week #66

BULAAA VINKAAA! How are you all!? Probably one of the coolest weeks of my life was just experienced this past week. So many miracles that I just feel so privileged to have been able to witness. Monday night was monumental for Brother and Sister Pilei. We walked into their house as usual but this time Brother Pilei didn’t say a word. He looked at us and then stood up from his wheelchair.... He could only stand for about a minute but with his faith he will walk in no time! I believe miracles happen today the same way they did when Christ caused the blind to see and the dead to be raised. God does not change, nor will He ever! They both came to church yesterday and loved the gospel principles class! Brother Pilei has actually opened up a lot to us hahaaha! He's started to throw a lot more jokes out in lessons and it's become a little too much hahaha! For example..this week Elder Payne led the entire week!  Which by the way he did amazing! But for one of our lessons with Brother Pilei Elder Payne was going over baptismal interview questions and he asked the question, "Have you ever committed a serious crime?" Brother Pilei said "Yes, murder!"  Elder Payne's face just turned bright white and then Brother Pilei's face remained straight until he said..."I'm joking!"  We didn't think it was that funny hahaha!  We fulfilled my dream this week by taking one of our recent converts to the temple! I'll never forget it. We decided to take Domoniko to do baptisms for the dead. Our Mission President said we could and our Bishop decided to come with us. COOLEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. The spirit was so strong! I also got to do the baptisms for the dead in Fijian. Dream fulfilled!  As we walked out of the temple, I asked Domoniko how he liked it. He said it was the most important thing he had ever done.  I don't think there is anything sweeter than to go with recent converts to the temple.  On top of going to the temple the spiritual direction we received this week was incredible. While walking down this one street, we had no idea where to go, but we were led.  We were trying to knock on some doors to use the new bible approach our mission president just recently instituted (which is genius) but we kept walking house by house not receiving any promptings. We walked for about 30 minutes down this same road and still.....nothing. We felt like we should stop by this one house and this kid came out and invited us in. We walked in and noticed it was a big family.  About 13 of them!  We started to share with them and they told us they were members. They hadn't been to church in a really long time and so we just invited them and they all came to church yesterday. Sometimes people just need an invite to rekindle what they've been missing.  We also found 2 more of Domoniko's kids who started taking lessons this week and they all want to be baptized.  All 5 of his kids are planning to be baptized together on Dec 3rd!  The Vuniwai family is still doing great!  We've become almost family with them!  Josefa, Va, Esta, and Lena have all decided to be baptized on the 26th.  All of our investigators are just so amazing!  9 of them showed up to church yesterday including 14 less active families that we were so excited to see come.  I'm just loving this work!  I'm pretty bummed my companionship with Elder Payne is coming to an end.....He's become one of my greatest friends.  He's such an amazing missionary and did amazing leading this past week.  His ability to listen and follow the spirit is what makes him a way strong instrument in the hands of the Lord and I've been lucky to learn a ton from him.  Tomorrow is transfers...... it's the scariest time of the year! Haha Just kidding.  For sure one of us is getting transferred so that stinks but the Lord is going to put us wherever we need to be and Elder Payne and I are going to hit it up after the mission so no biggie haha!  This week I've been reading "Our Heritage" and the Doctrine and Covenants and I have gained so much more respect for Joseph Smith.... D&C 135. He sealed his testimony with his blood as did so many of the early saints. This church is built on purity.  It's leader is Jesus Christ himself and I get so pumped to share that with everyone everyday. I love you all and I'll talk to next week!

Love, Elda Jonutz


Domoniko with Bishop and John (the sisters recent convert)
Helping Josaia and Bano build a house! 

With John

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