Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week #68

Bula Vinaka Everyone! Man it has been quite the adventure this past week....where should I start? So, my right foot got infected this past week. Not quite sure what it was but I haven't been able to walk properly and the nurse gave me some antibiotics and this sock to wear and so I've only been able to wear one shoe and all the Fijian villagers give me the weirdest looks because I only have one shoe. It's pretty funny haha! It's nothing serious it just hurts to walk and it's pretty gross. Nothing to worry about! In fact I have been grateful for the new trial. I've been blessed my whole mission with no major sicknesses and so I can easily deal with this minor one! Actually, it has brought about some tender mercies hahaha! For example, on Thursday we had to drive up to the mission office so the nurse could take a look at my foot. They ended up taking us out to dinner that night at this way nice restaurant and it just so happened to be Thanksgiving that day. I had some way good lasagna.....long story short I WAS BLESSED haha! So last week we went out on exchanges with some Elders and it was a blast. While sitting in one lesson both me and the Elder I was with felt prompted to invite this man to be baptized. It was something that can't be described. We both just got the same feeling in the middle of the lesson and when we started to say something, before we could even start...the guy said, "I have a question, how can I be baptized?" We were so happy we didn't know what to do. It's amazing how the spirit touches people and I will never be able to forget it. Tuesday night Elder Carlson and I made a plan for our area to have family home evenings and switch between the Koro's (villages) every week. We're hoping that the members will invite their friends so that we can start finding new investigators. Lately I've been feeling like the Lord blesses us missionaries more than we deserve. The love of Christ cannot be matched with anything else. We don't get much time in our area but when we do he leads us to the people we need to see. This past week we arrived at a member's house only to find his daughter sitting outside. We started talking to her and then felt prompted to share a message on baptisms for the dead. We committed her to be baptized if she came to know what we shared was true. SHE SAID YES! We just saw her yesterday and now her brother wants to be baptized as well! Sometimes I just wish my whole life could be spent being a missionary. The spirit that comes with this calling is a constant comforter and a teacher. I've learned more out here in the jungle from the spirit than any University has to offer. Heavenly Father has taught me much and I look forward to learning more and more. So another crazy thing happened this week. Our flat ran out of water so.......we had to bathe in the river! That was a first for me and not trying to brag but it was pretty dang awesome. ONLY IN FIJI hahaha! This week we have mission tour and Elder Cardon of the seventy is coming to visit us and so I am way excited! Elder Carlson and I have also started a TeiTei (Farm) at our flat. We're growing 3 pineapples. Yeah. It's pretty legit! hahaha. This month is going to be pretty busy and I am stoked for it! We have Mission Tour, Zone Conference, MLC, and the Mission Christmas program. I will never cease to love being a missionary despite the trials I face. Especially when I'm living in the jungle and crossing rivers to get to villages and speaking a dying language. I love my mission and wouldn't trade it for anything. I hope you all have a great week and I look forward to talking to you all next week!

Love, Elder Jonutz

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