Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week #67

Bula Vinaqua Matavuvale (Family!) It's been a pretty crazy week. I got transferred to a new area and had to say goodbye to Elder Payne and all of our investigators. It was hard but, hey, the Lord's plan is the Lord's plan and I just want to follow Him so it's all good! I am way proud of Elder Payne! Tuesday we got transfer calls and we found out that he is training a brand new missionary so BULLLAA for him! He's going to kill it and so I'm way pumped for him. I have been transferred to the complete opposite of where I was in my last area. Out of the city and into the bush........I'm talking bush bush haahaha! My new area is called Naitasiri and it takes about an hour drive into the middle of Viti Levu and we have this huge flat where four of us stay together! It is way fun! Elder Carlson is my new companion and he is the man! He's from Palau but lives in St. George Utah! He's hilarious and I am way excited to work with him. We have this cool white truck and basically proselyting is a blast because we just have to go on these way crazy dirt roads through all these jungly mountains that are WAY pretty! No one in my area speaks english! I've only been able to spend two whole days in my area so far because Elder Carlson and I have been doing transfers. The work is pretty hard but the Lord is going to show us what to do. As of right now we aren't aloud to knock on any doors. In our area that is considered "Tabu" (forbidden). So all we can do is visit members and invite them to invite their friends over and that's how we get investigators. It's a whole new way of thinking for me because in my past area we knocked on every door possible. It's the chief's rule for all the villages we cover. Right now we cover about 5 villages. Yesterday we had a baptismal interview and I about peed my pants it was so cool. We drove through like these way tall mountains and then ended up at this river. The problem was the village is on the other side of the river.......So this little village kid came over on a boat and we all hopped on and went to the village. So that was pretty cool and I feel pretty dang lucky! The fijian here is in a pretty weird dialect and they speak way fast and so it's been fun to try to catch up. I'm way stoked to learn more fijian. It is way fun being with 3 other elders all in the same flat stranded out in the fijian jungle. Our flat is like on this huge hill over-looking just green mountains. I'm way excited to see what the Lord's plan is for the area and I can't wait to talk to you all next week! 

Love, Elder Jonutz

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