Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week #71

Dear Parents of the missionaries serving in Naitasiri Fiji,

I want to write and let you know that you won’t be receiving an email from your Elder serving in Naitasiri today. As you may have heard we have received a lot of rain and wind the past few days. As a result the access road to the Naitasiri flat has flooded with about 5 feet of water that has created a new lake in the mountains. I sent the Assistants up into the area this morning and they took enough food and water to supply the elders for a week. We arranged for a boat to pick up the food from the Assistants and take it to the elders on the other side of their new lake.

I just called the elders and they are doing fine, they have telephone and electrical service, and are comfortable inside their flat. We will monitor their situation and let you know if anything changes. As for now they are happy and getting in a little extra study time.

If you are interested in the weather situation here in Fiji, the web sites I monitor are the following:

We sure love your missionaries and will keep a close eye on them for you.

Warm regards,
President Layton

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