Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week #69

Ni sa Bula Vinaka Family and Friends! Another awesome week here in Fiji! We started last week off by going on some exchanges with some awesome Elders from our zone. Elder Roberts and Elder Kalio! They are way awesome and hard working missionaries and we had a good time! This week we had our Mission Leadership Council and Elder Cardon attended and man was it awesome! It was such a cool experience having a member of the seventy train us. The whole meeting was really powerful and I needed it a lot! Our mission mom, Sister Layton, shared about, "The Secret of the Camel".  She shared how camels have some of the strongest bodies of any other animal on earth. They can carry weight over 600lbs and travel through rugged terrain without stopping for hours. The secret of the camel is every morning he kneels before his master and his master carefully loads the camel with packages and supplies being very careful of where to put them. The camel then stands and goes on throughout the day and when night comes he kneels again before the master and the master unloads the heavy burdens from the camel.  Every day in this life we all meet challenges or struggles, stress, fatigue, or even depression. Jesus Christ is our Master and as His servants we are permitted to kneel before Him and feel His atonement lift the burdens from our backs. I know this is true....I have seen it and felt it my whole life and it is true. We don't have to stress so much and carry the weight all the time. The Savior can make it light and easy for us to carry.  One of my favorite scriptures from this week is - Mosaia 24:14.  Sometimes I can't take the weight anymore and I do fall on my knees and beg for His help and I am so grateful for the testimony that I know when I do, He will lift it from me.  We have had some huge miracles happen this past week. I mentioned some weeks before that in our new area we cannot knock on doors or talk to nonmembers unless it is referred to us by member... but the Lord has changed that and somehow miraculously we are now permitted to knock on any door and to talk to all we can!  He is in this work there is no doubt about it.  As of this new advancement in the work out here in Naitasiri we found 6 people last week who said they want to be baptized!!!  This week has had some challenges but I can move past them because there is work to do!  There are sheep that need to be fed.  This week I learned how to drive stick shift so I feel pretty cool.  We had some scary moments where I almost killed us but hey.....I'm a pro now and I am proud of it. We bought this creepy huge face of Santa and put it on our front door and we are planning on cutting down a palm tree so Chhristmas is looking pretty promising this year hahaha! I hope you are all doing well and can't wait to talk to you all next week!
Love, Elder Jonutz

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