Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week #78

Bula Vinaka Everyone!  Well it has been a pretty crazy week just as every week has been! We received some pretty devastating news last Thursday. One of my past zone leaders, Elder Amai, just finished his mission this last December and we found out he was killed in a car accident...He was an amazing missionary and I looked up to him. I know he's continuing on the work up in the spirit world right now. He served in the area I am currently serving in and the members were sad to hear the news but it was a faith building experience that helped build their testimonies on the plan of salvation. It's so much more satisfying having a knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I've come to realize that it is the most important thing in my life. I love studying it, living it, and sharing it! It's a humbling experience when being able to repent causes you to lean on the Savior's mercy and plead for his help. To be able to become clean again is in and of itself a miracle. It's awesome! This week we finally got Save Naca ready for his baptism. I'm really hoping I get to stay to see it because I've been working with him ever since I've been in this area. Transfers are tomorrow and I'm not planning on just got to keep my fingers crossed. Yesterday we had a pretty crazy experience! We had a lot of appointments cancel and we didn't know what to do. We felt like we needed to go see Brother Navuso (Save Naca's dad). We showed up at his house and he was pretty sick. His breathing was uncontrollable and he had a pretty bad cough. Because the spirit prompted us to go there we were able to take him to the hospital and get him some oxygen. He was really grateful and we are glad the spirit was able to speak to us. Lesson learned this week is that if we want to constantly have the spirit with us we must constantly repent and pray. The feeling of the spirit is something I wouldn't trade for anything else. I'm sorry if this email is very short but Elder Willoughby and I are in charge of a combined zone beach p-day and we don't have a ton of time to email today. I just want you to know I know this gospel is true and I love it! This past week I finally got to listen to Grandpa Jonutz's funeral recording. I am so happy that I have a family firmly rooted in the gospel because there is nothing better.
va loloma! Elder Jonutz

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