Sunday, June 4, 2017

Week #95

Bula Vinaka Family and friends! It's always fun to get to tell everyone about my experiences I've had throughout the week. Every week is a testimony to me that this church is true. Lately I've been praying and asking for Heavenly Father to help us find just one repentant soul; an individual who really has a desire to change and find the truth! A few weeks ago we found this guy named Viliame and his wife, Makareta. They accepted us into their home just like every other Fijian family and at the time I didn't really think anything of it... Yesterday, Viliame just showed up at church....In one of the Sunday school classes our teacher asked if Viliame wanted to share anything and when Viliame began to speak the spirit was very strong! 

Viliame told everyone in the class how for years he has wanted to join the church but he didn't know how. He said he'd watch the elders pass by his house and he'd pray that they would come to him. He said he prayed more fervently a week before we actually showed up at his door and when he saw us standing there, outside his house, he was surprised and extremely thankful. He told them he is grateful for God answering his prayer and having us find him. As I just sat there and listened to Village I realized that Heavenly Father had already helped me find a repentant soul! I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure this guy gains a strong testimony that he is in the right place! I know the Savior knows His lost sheep. Time and time again we'll enter homes and people will be so nice but just not interested. Sometimes it gets discouraging when people tell you no. When they don't want us to come back it can become depressing.... And then one of those hundred people you visited ends up being the one you were supposed to find, and it is so dang worth it!

This Gospel is flawless... I'm extremely pumped for Viliame and all of our other investigators who are preparing to be baptized. This past week was a struggle but that experience made it all worth it. 

This week Elder Forbush and I had exchanges in Navua which is pretty much like one of the sickest areas ever! It's all flat farmland and it's right on the sandy beach. We all met up at the end of the day with the Brown family and they fed us fish in lolo (coconut milk) with breadfruit. OH MAN IT WAS GOOD. To top it off, after the dinner they piled up heaps of old palm fronds and bamboo sticks and we had the biggest bonfire on the beach I have ever seen. It was honestly so sick! They invited us to come over this week as well! 

This next week we might be going out to open up an island! The island is called Beqa and it's home to the "Firewalkers".  There are fijians there who know how to heal things with fire and can walk over fires and receive no harm. It's been in discussion for quite awhile when we'll be able to go but it could happen this Thursday. Which would be pretty dang cool.

Anyways being a missionary is great and I couldn't be happier.

Love you all,
                   Elder jonutz


Walking to our dinner appointment selfie

flared my nostrils for you mom

comp shot

Beach covered in Flowers

New favorite snack!

Fun object lesson

One of our investigators house's

Kasava forest 

This is what our flat looks like. Pretty nice;)

Exchanges in Navua. Found this kid. Have no idea what he is doing.....

That out there in the distance is BEQA
The Brown family starting to stack up the fire!

The fire was huge! 

Kids playin with fire

The Bonfire 

more art

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