Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week #97

Dear Everyone! It has been a week of change and a week of miracles! This week was transfers week and I am so exhausted! Elder Forbush was transferred to Nausori and my new companion is Elder Ogden. Already love the dude! He is way sick and a way hard worker. It's crazy to think he will be my last companion....I'm glad to have someone who is willing to work hard because we're going as hard as we can until the end! This week we drove all over Fiji it feels like. Picking people up and dropping them off. Earlier this week we had a cool experience being able to wait with President Layton and Sister Layton to pick up the new set of missionaries. We got to host them in our flat and take them out for their first night! They were all so nervous. They all had these little spinny things called fidget spinners. Apparently they are way big back home.....What is this world coming to?! After transfers we had some baptismal interviews we did for the zone and we are way pumped because our zone hit our goal. 

We as the Suva North Zone pulled in 13 converts. This last Sunday Lolo was confirmed and she was way happy. We had a miracle experience this last Friday night that I will never forget! We went to Navua to help them out with a baptismal interview after that the Brown family invited us over again for dinner. Right outside their house we got our huge white van stuck in the mud. Everytime we stepped on the gas it dug deeper and got more and more stuck....The mud was thick and slippery and our huge van had no possible way to get out. It was dark and raining and we were in the middle of nowhere. The Brown family came out and helped us to place rocks under the tires to create more traction but that did not work.. We all pushed on the back of the car as Elder Ogden pushed on the gas and it still did not budge one bit. We then got a prompting to gather the Brown family together and we said a family prayer to Heavenly Father to give us the strength to move the car. As I watched the Brown family and all their kids gathering rocks and pushing I knew the power of their faith would work. We kept trying for over 30 minutes. Finally we were able to push it backwards and then out of nowhere as we were pushing the car somehow miraculously it made it out. Brother Brown gathered the family and us together and we said a prayer of thanks. I know prayer is real and we should pray before we do anything. He is there and He loves us. 

Much Love, Elder Jonutz

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