Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week #101

  Bula Tale Y'all! The work here is on FIRE! Finally all the work we've been putting in seems to be unfolding into visual success. This transfer I have just learned heaps about hard work and how to work hard even when we can't see any results. 

The best lesson I have ever learned in my life has come clear towards the end of this last transfer. Elder Ogden and I have been working our tails off and haven't seen much success. I took some time to think about what I could learn from all of it and then I discovered that special lesson. Sometimes in this life we are going to work hard and for awhile we will not see any immediate results but if we endure well and keep going the blessings will come.

I can testify that this week the blessings did come! The whole week Elder Ogden and I spent finding. I could feel Heavenly Father guiding us everywhere this week.

TENDER MERCY: We got in the car Thursday morning and prayed that while we were driving we might find someone who could use our help. We parked on the side of the road and as soon as we opened the car door this old Indian man was standing outside our car. He told us about his brother who had just experienced his 2nd stroke and he asked if we could go and give his brother a blessing. If we had not been guided by God then how else did we end up on that part of the road at that specific time for that man to ask for help. We got to his brothers house and gave him the blessing also realizing that he was a member of the church as well as his wife but they had just gone less active over the years. 

Heavenly Father has people we can help every day we just have to ask him to direct us to those opportunities! 

Lo finally came to church again and she also brought two of her friends so let's GO! One of our members also brought all of her friends and so that was bomb as well. Lo wants to be baptized this Sunday which happens to be my final Sunday in Fiji! I am way excited for her. 

On top of that this next week we get to go out to Beqa again to do 3 baptismal interviews! That's right! The very first 3 people to ever be baptized on Beqa is going down this week! President Higgins will be coming with us this time and joining us on the adventure. I am super looking forward to that.

Serving a mission has made me so happy...I don't think anyone can fully describe the joy that comes from being His disciple 24/7.  I don't want it to end so I am going to go so hard this last week and wear myself out. I love being a missionary and sharing His gospel! 

Love you all! Elder Jonutz

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