Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week #99

 Bula! It's so sad to see another week go by! This week was work work work! I honestly cannot even think straight. We started with checking up on an investigator we found last week named Solo. His second lesson went awesome and he told us he read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and he felt like it was true, he just hasn't prayed yet. So we talked with him about the importance of prayer and I'm pretty sure he is committed to receive an answer. He's only 20 years old and his friend, Pita, sat in with us last time and they both accepted a baptismal date for July 22nd.  After seeing him we decided to follow up on a house we OYM'd and when we showed up 4 completely different people were in the house. Confusing but a blessing in and of itself haha! 

 The work is improving here in Tacirua! We're just trying to get our investigators to make it to church right now. Viliame left to go to his koro this last week so we didn't get to see him all that much. He's supposed to have read 2 Nephi 31 by tomorrow so I'll guess we'll see! Just gotta have faith mada! A lesson we learned from the spirit this week was pretty powerful! Our investigator Lo has been doing awesome. She knows the church is true and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon but lately she hasn't been able to come to church and so on Wednesday we decided to try and figure out what was going on.

Elder Ogden and I did not know exactly what we were going to say or how we were going to figure out what the problem was, so we said a prayer for guidance. Lo is a very quiet person and doesn't talk much so at the beginning our lesson was pretty rough. As the lesson went on I felt the Spirit kick in and the questions we asked her were divinely directed and we were able to figure out the problem. She told us how her dad does not want her to be part of another church. The mom came outside and sat with us and explained more and we had a plan to talk with the whole family last night but that fell through! Tonight we are going to try again. I know Heavenly Father has the power to change hearts but I am also aware that her dad has his agency. We are still praying and have faith. 

This past week we worked as hard as we could. We found 27 new investigators and this week we're going to invite them all to be baptized. I love this work. It's hard and sometimes discouraging but I've seen the joy that it brings to others and even me. I love the members here! I'm just cherishing ever last second I have to testify about Jesus Christ here in Fiji. He lives and I can feel His love in every lesson that I have. 

 Moce mada, Elder Jonutz

Qito(P-day) with the bros 
Our departing gift to President and Sister Layton
That huge round thing on the tree is a LIME!!!


our dinner list...Nice and full

the back of our dinner list haha

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