Friday, August 28, 2015

Week #3

Dear Family! BULLAAAAAAAAA! This week was another good one!!! I will have you know I did get better by the end of Sunday night. I'm sorry to hear Olivia is sick! Hope she feels better. Has Hazel swooped on my room yet!?!?! Tell megan I said sup. OKAY, before i forget i have to tell you guys this awesome story. So you know like how I'm amazing at identifying people and saying they look like an actor or someone famous and how im just like super great at that!?WELL! I forgot to mention that when i first got to the MTC and met my branch president Presidident Willes, i immediatley thought he looked and sounded like president Hinckley!! I told my whole district that and they were like DUUUDE! you're so right! And i was like duuuuhuude......I know;) So on sunday we go on this temple walk and i saw president willes i decided to go ask him if he was related to president Hinkley and he said YESSS. He is President Hinckley's Nephew! Isn't that so cool? I felt like so awesome. I just knew he wasssss. Anways this week flew by but it's also been super tiring and hard. Some hours of the day i just feel like im going to crack hahaha Tomorrow we start teaching an actual investigator in Fijian.......haha..(nervous laugh) Yesterday elder Sieverts and I taught a new fake investigator and i didn't even have to use any of my notes!! And i said like 10 sentences and totally understood what he was saying back to me. Keep praying for me. I feel good with the language but it's hard to feel what i'm saying sometimes because they are just memorized words in my head so please pray thAT I CAN BEGIN TO TEACH WITH the spirit as well in fijian. OH and mom the dear elder letters and packages are sent to the mtc mailroom and i get notified and then go pick them up. just so ya know. I love all the packages they are awesome. And tell g and g brower that i love the cinamon rolls yes i know i spelt thAT WRONG BUT THERES NO TIME TO GO BACK TO CORRECT IT HAHAHA. Like thanks for the food and everything guys but....its already hard enough to stay fit here hahahaha! One of the leaders in my group has gained 20 lbs already ahhhhh hahahaha. So here's the dealio... My district made a pact that next week we are only speaking Fijian for the rest of our time at the MTC haha. We think if we do this it will really help us. NO english. So wish me luck;)  So on our sunday movie night i watched the coolest joseph smith restoration video that made me start balling like a girl. (But the lights were off so it was all good).  Just to think about what Joseph Smith did to bring this gospel to earth, and to keep it here, it empowers and motivates me to try my hardest these next two years of my life. The gospel is worth doing anything to fight for. I cant sit still thinking about all the people in Fiji who have no idea that this restored gospel is available to them to feeel the peace and comfort of their savior Jesus Christ. I can't think of anything more that i want than to tell the people in Fiji that their savior jesus Christ loves them and that they can be together with their families together forever. The church is true and i really miss you all. Hope all is well. Oh and on P-days i'm aloud to go on blogs of people from my mission and i went to that "prepare to serve" website that had all those missionary blogs on there that we looked at and i saw my blog on there and i almost peed my pants. It's getting real! I'm on that website now! My blog looks awesome mom. My little blogger harhar! I'm weird. Sorry my pictures are lame. It is what it is. Just wait till i get to fiji and im taking pictures of palm trees, coconuts and fijians. It will be cool. I'm already half way through the mtc!  Only 3 more to go! Way crazy. Love you all!

Love, Elder Jonutz

This pic is of my branch president, President Willes (AKA Gordon B. Hinckley's Nephew ;) 
The guy on the very left in the blue striped tie is one of my language teachers. His name is Brother Lodoux. He's way chill

My Fijian Bible is orange! Woa

This is a filtered waterbottle i was given that I have to use when i get to Fiji

practice fijian prayer

early morning endowment session

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