Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week #87

Ni sa Bula Vinaka Everyone! LONG WEEK! but a great week! The majority of it was filled with Zone Conference and interviews. Our Zone Conference was THE bomb.COM. We talked a lot about how to help our investigators come to sacrament meeting and how to help them accept baptismal dates. Something I learned from it all was that if we want any investigator to accept a commitment we have to help them see the WHY. One of the most rewarding experiences of being a missionary is helping someone to love Jesus Christ so much that they see the importance of the Sacrament. This past week we sat down with one of our investigators who wasn't able to make it to church last week, so we went to check up on her. We sat down and she told us she wasn't able to come because Sunday morning she woke up with a huge boil underneath her arm. (YIKES!) We asked her how she felt about it. She told us she felt like Satan really did not want her to come to church and she was able to gain insight that if satan was trying to stop her from coming that this church must be true. I thought a lot about that and it is so true. We helped her to realize that she has more power than him and it gave her a lot of joy and comfort. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and those who live it are always being attacked by the adversary.  But we can find joy and peace in the fact that we know it is true and it is why satan tries so hard to distract us.  I was able to listen to some of general conference and I loved President Uchtdorf's talk on how we can be happy even in this dark world! On Sunday, we drove down in a carrier from Naitasiri to Waila ward to watch general conference. Sanaila and his brother Filimone were both supposed to be baptized yesterday. When we showed up at their house only Sanaila was ready to go. We could have been sad or mad about this but we decided to be happy and we had a great baptism for Sanaila. We talked to Filimone's dad and he told us that Filimone woke up on Sunday and felt pretty shy and not ready... Elder Stock and I are going to visit him soon and listen to the spirit. We know the adversary does not want him to be baptized. The gospel can fix it. I love sharing it and we have some new investigators we found this week that I'm excited to work with and help. 

Love, Elder Jonutz

Sums up the week

Driving in the car to service

Found a huge millipede

Getting a car wash

Carrier ride to General conference. (The carrier is FULL:))

On our free time. WE chop down trees. It's not an easy job.

Saniala's Baptism

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