Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week #88

Ni sa Bula Vinaka everyone! It's been such an awesome week to say the least. I'm exhausted but I love it hahaha! I'm happy to report that Sanaila was confirmed this last Sunday and he is just growing stronger and stronger in the faith. We actually have a way fun relationship with the kid. In Fijian it's kind of like a big compliment all the youth give when they say "boso levu" It means like big boss haha. But one night we were leaving Sanaila and he was following us out to the car and I called him "boto levu" which means big frog and he died laughing man. He thought it was hilarious so now that's what we call him hahaha!
This past week I made a goal to re-read all of preach my gospel. I just want to dissect the book apart and learn all I can! It's only been a week but I feel like my knowledge has just grown so much. I would recommend that everyone should read it! To members it will inspire them to share and HOW to share. Not only that but your knowledge of the gospel will become so much clearer and more simple. I just love how easy the gospel really is.
So last week I told you all about Filimone. At the beginning of this last week we were just trying to sit down with him but he kept avoiding us..... Which didn't make any sense because he was doing great and ready to be baptized. Elder Stock and I decided to have a fast for him. Saturday night we showed up at his house and he didn't run away :) It was a miracle. We sat down with him and had a heart to heart. Earlier that morning I was studying what we should share with him and I remembered the conference talk by Joaquin E. Costa. Specifically when he shared the experience where a missionary had him read from Alma 42 and every time where it says "behold my son" he had him replace it with his name. I felt prompted to do the exact same thing with Filimone! As he read we could feel the spirit and it opened up his heart. He explained to us that he just needed one more week to pray. We gladly are going to keep working with him and I know it was all an answer to our fast! So that was pretty awesome.
We had a surprise exchange with the assistants which was really fun. We went to one of our villages where the work just isn't going as well and we went to battle! We knocked on as many houses as we could and shared with families. Some were really accepting and I'm excited to go see them again this week. There's a lot of work that needs to be done and I am hoping the Lord just shows us how to do it. I have faith He will and this next week should be awesome! I love you all!
Much love, Elder Jonutz

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